Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten is a unique group of children that become age 5 within the first few months after the beginning of the school year. These children miss the date to go into the public school kindergarten but we want to make sure they are still challenged and working on those Kindergarten goals.

Our Transitional Kindergarten Program offers:

  • Experienced, highly educated staff
  • Classroom environment designed for independent and small group learning
  • Integration with the School-Age program and rotations
  • Participation in Summer Camp

TK children enjoy:

  • Self-guided learning
  • Opportunities to practice and develop reading skills
  • Collaborative projects
  • STEAM activities and rotations to Technology Lab and Art Room

TK children:

  • Make use of social skills acquired to solve conflicts with peers
  • Practice character traits and an emphasis on integrity
  • Exhibit leadership qualities
  • Use manners and communicate in a respectful way

Entering Kindergarten

  • Children enter kindergarten with confidence in academics and social interactions
  • Familiarity with routines and schedules
  • Children have developed self help skills for maximum independence entering school
  • Established relationships with peers entering kindergarten at the same time