In our infant classroom we plant the seeds of learning by creating a safe, nurturing, and trusting environment. Our teachers cater to the individual needs of each child, so your infant can grow to their fullest potential.

Our Infant Program offers:

  • An experienced and loving staff
  • Personalized daily schedules for feeding, sleeping, and activities
  • Age-specific classrooms to focus on individual goals
  • Individualized cribs and safe sleeping practice

In our infant program the children engage in:

  • explorative tummy-time
  • sitting/crawling/walking activities
  • sensory play
  • sign-language development to express their needs and wants

Infants develop to:

  • begin eating solid foods
  • learn to hold a bottle and self-feed
  • transition from bottles to cups
  • recognize familiar faces

After experiencing the infant classroom, children will be prepared for the next classroom by:

  • being confident to use newly acquired skills
  • eating with peers during school-wide mealtimes
  • adjusting to a classroom schedule
  • transitioning from cribs to cots