As development continues through the beginning years the PreToddler classroom promotes a smooth transition from infant to young child.

Our PreToddler Program offers:

  • An experienced and loving staff
  • Classroom schedule including visits sensory room & atrium
  • Age specific playground
  • Introduction of small group center play

PreToddlers enjoy:

  • Self-guided play
  • Tumbling and physical activities
  • Introduction to Phonics program
  • Shape and color recognition


  • Develop skills to take turns and share with peers
  • Begin to create table manners and healthy eating habits
  • Successfully use utensils for eating
  • Learn to resolve conflicts

As your child turns becomes a Toddler, they will be ready to

  • Begin potty training when the child shows interest
  • Engage in longer small group center play
  • Enhance self-help skills
  • Participate in more enrichment activities