School Age

Our School age program provides care for children outside of their day in the Public School system. Hours of our program vary based on your child’s elementary school and in some instances, we even provide before school care. Children eligible for our School Age program may also enroll in our Summer Camp program as well.

Our School Age Program offers:

  • Homework support
  • Theme based projects
  • Outdoor time
  • Afternoon snack

School Age Children engage in:

  • Projects that may last over several days
  • Activities that require them to use skills acquired from Public school as well as our program
  • Rotations to the Art Room, Technology Lab, and Atrium
  • Reading skill development and can even complete reading requirements for their school through RAZZ kids.

School Age Children:

  • Engage in cooperative play and practice skills of sharing and taking turns with their peers
  • Demonstrate Character Traits and can explain why those traits are important
  • Use manners and can effectively communicate
  • Solve issues or conflicts with peers with limited or no adult intervention

Graduating the Program:

  • Children entering Middle School are confident in their abilities to communicate effectively
  • Accustom to cross-curricular activities and how to take those skills into other areas of their life.
  • Manage and express feelings appropriately
  • Relationships built in the School Age program set children up for building connections in the future