Once children enter the Preschool Program, they become focused on preparing for kindergarten. Preschoolers have gained enough skills, confidence, and experience to begin putting everything into action.

Our Preschool Program offers:

  • Experienced and Degreed staff
  • Additional learning centers
  • More enrichment programs
  • Access to Technology and Art Rooms


  • Engage in more small group learning opportunities
  • Benefit from individualized lessons to focus on each child’s developmental needs
  • Participate in the full Phonics program
  • Practice skills such as handwriting, letter recognition, and scissor use

Preschoolers work to:

  • Sharpen self-help skills such as zipping jackets, post-meal clean-up, and complete independence in the restroom
  • Build character traits
  • Participate in opportunities for cooperate play
  • Learn strategies to problem solve

Transitioning to a PreKindergartener:

  • Children are confident to explore and experiment with materials to learn new concepts
  • Preschoolers have built social connections with peers
  • Begin to focus on kindergarten readiness regarding academics as well as social relationships
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills