Our Toddler classrooms make use of the skills developed from the previous classrooms and begin to mold/shape young Preschoolers. As children continue to gain confidence in their abilities they can truly start to grow.

Our Toddler Program offers:

  • An experience and loving staff
  • Increase in opportunities for decision making
  • Additional enrichment programs
  • A supportive classroom to foster children’s independence and growth

Toddlers engage in:

  • Discovery play and learning through experimentation
  • Additional components of the Phonics program
  • Artistic expression through process art
  • Imaginative play to represent familiar routines


  • Use cups in replace of a sippy cup
  • Continue to focus on table manners and nutrition
  • Gain independence in the restroom
  • Build social relationships and strategies for conflict resolution

Preschool Preparation:

  • Children are using the restroom independently
  • Toddlers have developed learning preferences and desires
  • Moving toward associative play and away from parallel play
  • Readiness for the Preschool Curriculum