Pre K

As children enter PreK the drive to prepare for kindergarten goes into high gear.  Our goal is to grow children into well rounded, confident learners. As children enter Kindergarten, they will be able to put all their acquired skills to use.

Our PreK Program offers:

  • Supportive, experienced, educated staff
  • Classroom environment conducive to self-guided learning
  • Access to the maximum number of enrichments and all the resource rooms
  • Transitioning out of nap to prepare for the all school day schedule

PreK children engage in:

  • Collaborative learning opportunities
  • Small group learning centers
  • Reading development and introduction to sight words and early reader books
  • Real life writing opportunities

PreK children:

  • Practice independence
  • Develop Character traits
  • Attempt to solve issues and conflicts with peers without adult assistance
  • Exhibit manners and proper communication skills

Developing a Kindergartener. Our PreK children:

  • Are confident to enter the Public School system with the skills they have developed from our program
  • Are creative thinkers with the ability to apply learning concepts to new areas in education
  • Demonstrate leadership through Show-and-Share and chances to read aloud to peers
  • Have a strong desire to continue learning well after leaving our program